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small room:

Or: smallest-room , euphemism for a bathroom or toilet .
See Also: 40-5, acinus, agate, all meat, no potatoes, anal fissure, arm of love, arse-bone, ass-bone, baby beef, back room, ballroom, bathroom, bed house, bijou, blackroom, breasties, Brummagem buttons, bubbies, buddings, buds, buggerclaw, button mushroom, button-short, cafeteria, cage, cake pimp, chee chees, chichitas, chicken-breasted, chuberteens, claustrophilia, clit closet, closed door, closed swinging, clubhouse, comfort station, conchita, corncob, cornhole palace, cottage, delivery room, Dutch Alps, face fucking, face job, featherweights, flapjacks, flat-chested, flyspecks, forty/five, girlcam, give face, give it away, gnat meat, greenhouse, hot-pillow joint, hymenotomy, Johnny Queen, koinoniphobia, leg-biter, little drinks, log in, lonelyhearts' club, love buds, love seat, luncheonette, lung nuts, lung warts, make a milk run, make the milk run, marble palace, mastunculi, microphobia, midgies, molehills, mosquito bites, mycrophobia, niblets, ninnies, nippers, nit tits, nothin cock, nothing cock, orgy room, papilla, peanuts, pechitos, pencil dick, penile colony, picayunes, pig room, pimple-prick, pimples, pimples on a chest, pimples on the chest, pips, pom-poms, puny prick, runts, scoops, small room, smallest room, smeat, smudges, stits, striptease to go, tabs, tamales, tater tots, tea room, teacups, teahouse, teahouse of the August moon, tearoom, tearoom queen, tearoom trade, teenie-weenie, teeny-weeny, tetinas, tetitas, titties, trading post, two beebees on a bread board, ups, waiter, zine

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