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split belly:

Or: split-stuff , a woman considered as a sex-object . Often used in the plural, split bellies , women collectively regarded as sexual-objects.
See Also: bay window, beer barrel, beer tumor, belly rub, belly-bump, belly-bumping, belly-fuck, belly-fucker, belly-queen, bellyrina, big hug, bow window, bread basket, burgershot, corporation, danse du ventre, derby kelly, dinner basket, ellybay, false front, front exposure, frontage, have a high belly, midsection, penis length, rub freak, rub-belly, rubber, six-pack, split, split belly, split some buns, split someone's buns, split-ass, split-mutton, spread shot, tawse, treasure trail, tummy tuck, tummy-button, ventral-ventral position, wear a high belly, wear the belly high, wide-open beaver

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