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standing member:

A penis in erection. See penis for synonyms.
See Also: adult bookshop, appropriate member, behavioral transsexualism, bit of the other, blue handkerchief, church member, coitant, coitante, cum membro artificiali, do a perpendicular, doing a perpendicular, dry off with either a his or her(s) towel, heterosociality, homogenitalism, homogenitality, hot member, jolly member, libber, M/M, member, Member for Cockshire, membrum virile, membrum virile flaccidum, MOTAS, MOTOS, MOTSS, Papist, phallic decorum, Privy Member, sexual preference, standard, standing, stasivalence, Stonewall Uprising, The, stunt cock, trash-rack, tribada, tribade, tribadus, unruly member, virile member, wall job, warm member, work the door

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