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star of the line:

In prostitution , a pimp's most experienced and/or most trusted whore frequently the one with whom he lives or the one with whom he has had the longest relationship .
Synonyms: bottom-woman ; main ; main-lady ; main-piece ; main-squeeze .
See Also: 1-2-1, astrophobia, cat-o-nine-tails, cecum condom, classy chassis, cocksucker red, cummy face, face shot, facial, glamour girl, go caso, gyno shot, heart line, hotline, house girl, in the beads, intermammary cleft, jizzer, line, line of heart, line-up, love line, main, main bitch, main piece, mesoseinia, monster shot, pop shot, proof shot, RAC, reverse anal cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, sex symbol, shampoo, siderophobia, solo box, splash shot, stickspin, streamlined, sweetest valley, treasure trail, waiting for wood, warmest valley, wet shot

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