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stark bone naked:

Completely naked . See naked for synonyms.
See Also: Adam and Eves togs, Adam-like, adolescent growth spurt, air one's pores, arse-bone, arse-wedge, ass-bone, ass-wedge, ballock-naked, ballocky, bare, bare-naked (and in the flesh), bare-skin, bare-skinned, bared, birth-naked, bollock-naked, bollocky-starkers, bone, bone in the bum, bone the bum, coccyx, crus of the clitoris, crus penis, disrobed, divested, eenob, enob, exposed, full monty, hear the call, ilium, in a natural state, in a state of nature, in a state of undress, in buff, in cuerpo, in nature's garb, in nothing but a fig leaf, in one's pelt, in puris naturalibus, in stag, in the altogether, in the buff, in the natural, in the nude, in the raw, in the skin, jump bones, jump someone's bones, laid to the natural bone, leafless, manbone, mother-naked, naked, native buff, necked, not a stitch on, nuddy, nudy, on the shallows, peeled, play the bones, practice nudism, raw, skuddy, stark bone naked, stark born naked, starkers, starko, threadbare, unclad, uncovered, undraped, undressed, wang bone, wearing a birthday suit, wearing nothing but a smile, wearing one's birthday suit, wearing one's Sunday suit, wearing only a smile, wearing only what mother nature provided, whang bone, wholly naked, with nothing on

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