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state of nature:

Or: be-in-a-state-of-nature , to be without clothes. See naked for synonyms.
See Also: abominable and detestable crime against nature, abominable crime, abominable crime against nature, about to drop, aged, blue joke, blueness, defecation, detestable crime against nature, dish dirt, dissolution (of marriage), due, ecdysia, effeminacy, heat is on, the, horns, in puris naturalibus, juicy feeling, line of heart, love line, maidenhood, mankind, miserablelism, mother nature calls, naked, panphobia, pantophobia, pitch woo, raise it, ready to drop, Spanish fly, stasivalence, state of nature, state of undress, state prostitution, tabanca, take liberties with someone, turns, the, urination, yin

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