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take eyes at:

Dated expression of the late 1800s, meaning to stare at, to ogle , or to flirt . Later derived into: throw-eyes-at / make-eyes-at .
See Also: ablutolagnia, ablutophilia, amorous glance, baby's cries, balls eye, banjo eyes, bedroom eyes, bibbing, blennorrhea, blindfolding, brown eye miner, bug eyes, bugging eyes, call boy, clap eyes on, clap one's eyes on, clockers, cock eyes, cock in her eye, Columbus circle, come-hither eyes, come-hither look, come-on eye, the, cut out the eye chatter, daylights, deadeye, deadlights, Disneyland daddy, eye, eye-giver, eyes, flickers, flukers, front windows, ganderers, gimlet eyes, giver of the eye, glass eyes, glaziers, gleeps, glimmers, glims, goggle eyes, goggles, iris, Irish beauty, killers, lamps, lay eyes on, lay one's eyes on, lens, lights, luminaries, make bedroom eyes at, make eyes at, make googly eyes at, making a hit, mince pies, mud pies, Nelly Blighs, nether end, oculars, oculii, oglers, ogles, old one-eye, ommatophobia, ommetaphobia, optophobia, orbits, P.I., peekers, peepholes, peeps, permanent mascara, piercers, pincers, queer peepers, saucer eyes, saucers, seekers, seers, sees, set eyes on, set one's eyes on, shutters, side-glance, sights, skylights, slanters, spotters, squinters, starry orbs, swallow the pipe, swivel eyes, talent, TCB, tear in the lily, top lights, triple header, trouser snake, turn handstands, twinkers, typhlobasia, weepers, windows, windows of the soul, windows to the soul, winker, winkers

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