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tooth somebody to death:

To prolong fellatio after ejaculation while the penis is especially sensitive.
See Also: agomphathymia, backhand drive, bones, brush one's teeth, casket freak, chatterers, chewers, chompers, choppers, cockbiter, cocksucker's teeth, cogs, crockery, crunchers, deformity fetishism, dentals, dentures, deuterogamy, digamy, dominos, Dresden china, eat with the hands, eating tackle, fangs, feel up, give pearls, gravestones, grill, grinders, headrails, ivories, laughing tackle, Line of Jewels, lispers, masticators, Morticia, mouth falsies, munchers, necrofellow, nutcrackers, pearlies, pearly gates, pegs, picket fence, pickets, pork packer, rattlers, read the beads, thanatophile, thanatophilia, thanatophobia, Thisbe, tombstones, toothy pegs, tusks, uppers and beneath

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