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triple penetration:

1. Sexual activity in which a woman is penetrated, simultaneously, in the vagina , in the rectum and in the mouth either by three lovers or by one partner with two dildos.

2. Or: TP / triple-crown / triple-play , in the porno-movie industry, a scene featuring a woman engaged in oral, vaginal and anal-sex with three men simultaneously.

See Also: abyss, anophelophobia, balls deep in the furry fun house, behind door work, bunker-shy, calf-sticking, cockstupration, coitus a posteriori, cook the kettle, corephallia, DAP, dog fashion, dog ways, doggie style, doggy style, doggy ways, double fuck, double penetration, DPP, forced Greek, genupectoral, heavy petting, hot cross bun, jack-and-jill-off party, Lassie fashion, let in, P and P, penoanal intercourse, penovaginal intercourse, R-Rated, TP, triple crown, triple penetration, triple play

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