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vaginal urination:

The practice of urinating into the vagina of one's partner during coitus .
See Also: aconuresis, acquired syphilis, aim Archie at the Armitage, answer a call to the warden's office, answer nature's call, answer the call of nature, ardor urinae, B.V., bacterial vaginosis, balls deep in the furry fun house, bit of tail, bleed the liver, bottle dance, bream cream, buonballs, burn the grass, buttered finger, Candida albicans, candida vaginal infection, cash a check, check the plumbing, cock a leg, coitus a posteriori, coitus abstentia, colpoxerosis, coproscopist, cunt juice, damage the Doulton, damp patch, do a job for oneself, do a rural, do a sweet pea, do ones business, do pee-pee, drain a pain, drain the crankcase, drain the snake, drain the spuds, drain the suds, drain the weasel, draw off, ease one's bladder, easy pink, empty one's bladder, evacuate one's bladder, excuse oneself from the table, extract one's urine, extras, feed the dog, female come, female ejaculation, female spendings, find a haven of refuge, find a haven of rest, French dip, froth, full pudenda, genupectoral, get rid of one's bladder matter, give the Chinaman a music lesson, go feed the goldfish, go for a snake's hiss, go into one's private office, go into retreat, go look at the crops, go see, go tap a kidney, go to Egypt, go to the bank, go to the can, go to the crapper, go to the dunnee, goose grease, gravy, have a leak, have a piss, have a run-out, have a wet, have Chinese singing lesson, heed nature's call, hymenotomy, inhibited orgasm, Jackie Dash, Jerry Riddle, Johnny Bliss, juicy sewer, kangaroo the dunny seat, kill a snake, kill a tree, kill the grass, lather, leak, lech-water, letch-water, lift a leg, little flying saucer, love juice, love liquor, lower salivation, make a branch, make a coke stop, make a deposit, make a phone call, make a piss stop, make a puddle, make oneself comfortable, make pee-pee, make water, make wee-wee, mammalian position, Mickey Bliss, micturate, natural functions, nature's lube, needs of nature, the, nervous bladder, old fashioned, P, partial pudenda, pass urine, pass water, pay a visit, pay a visit to the old soldier's home, pee, pee-pee, penovaginal, perform the work of nature, piddle, piss freak, piss-lover, pit stop, plant a sweet pea, pluck the roses, point Percy at the porcelain, pump bilge, rack off, rattle and hiss, retreat to one's sanctum sanctorium, retreat to the holy of holies, RR 1, Rural Route 1, scalder, scrud, see a star about a twinkle, see Johnny, sexual discharge, sexual secretions, sexual spendings, shake a sock, shake hands with an old friend, shake hands with old Mend, shake hands with the unemployed, shake the dew off the lily, shake the peg, shed a tear, shoot a lion, sling one's drizzle, slut butter, spendings, splash ones boots, splash the boots, spray (the bowl), spray the porcelain, squeeze the lemon, squeezing the lemon, stimble, straight date, straight trick, strain the potatoes, strain the spuds, strain the taters, sweating phenomenon, syphon off, tail-job, take a leak, take a pee, take a piss, take a whiz(z), take it, take one's snake for a gallop, take the dog for a walk, tap a kidney, Thai beads, third way, three-way girl, tiddle, tiki, tinkle, tinkler-belle, toilet talk, tootle, train Terrence at the terra-cotta, transvaginal, turn on the sprinkler, twat water, two-way, vagina juice, vaginal discharge, vaginal juice, vaginal spendings, vestibule, vestibulum vaginae, visit the chamber of commerce, visit the loo, visit the potty, vulva sauce, water a hedge, water the daisies, water the dragon, water the lawn, water the pony, water the roses, water the stock, watering the flowers, watering the roses, wee, wee-pee, whites, the, whiz, whizz, widdle, worship at the altar, wring the dew off the branch

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