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vaginal fart:

A sudden, fart-like escape of air from the vagina .

SYNONYMS: fanny-fart ; front-botty-burp ; muff-guff ; pussy-fart ; queeb ; queef .

See Also: acquired syphilis, afterburner, air biscuit, anal announcement, arse gas, arse pish, B.V., backfire, backwards burp, bacterial vaginosis, balls deep in the furry fun house, bark a sharp report, beanie, bit of tail, blanket ripper, blart, blow a fart, blow a kiss, blow mud, blow the anal horn, blow the horn, blowing an arsenut, blurt out, body squeak, boomer, botch, bottle dance, bottom burp, botty burp, bowel bugle, bowel howl, brap, break the sound barried, break wind, break wind backwards, breaking wind, breakthrough, bream cream, breezer, brown burp, bugle butt, bullock's heart, buonballs, burbulence, burn bad powder, burnt cheese, butt sneeze, butt snort, buttered finger, cabbage fart, Candida albicans, candida vaginal infection, cedar burp, cheek flapper, cheeser, cheezer, chocolate thunder, coitus a posteriori, coitus abstentia, colpoxerosis, crack a fart, crepitate, crepitus, cunt juice, cushion creeper, cut a fart, cut a muffin, cut one, cut the Brie, cut the cheese, damp patch, devil's kiss, down wind, drop a beast, drop a bundle, drop a depth charge, drop a rose, drop a rose petal, drop a thumper, drop one, easy pink, extras, fanny fart, female come, female ejaculation, female spendings, fizzle, flatulate, float an air biscuit, French dip, front botty burp, froth, full pudenda, genupectoral, go off, goose grease, gravy, guff, guff cloud, gurk, hoff, horse and cart, hymenotomy, inhibited orgasm, juicy sewer, lather, launch an air biscuit, lay a fart, leave a whiff, lech-water, let fly, let off, let one fly, let one go, let one off, let one rip, letch-water, little flying saucer, love juice, love liquor, lower salivation, make a noise, make a rude noise, make a smell, make wind, mammalian position, muff guff, nature's lube, old fashioned, one cheek sneak, partial pudenda, pass air, pass gas, pass wind, penovaginal, poot, pumping gas, pussy fart, queeb, queef, raise wind, raspberry tart, release one, rim slide, RR 1, Rural Route 1, sexual discharge, sexual secretions, sexual spendings, shoot bunnies, silent horror, slut butter, smell the place up, spendings, straight date, straight trick, sweating phenomenon, tail shot, tail wind, tail winds, tail-job, take an air dump, take it, talk German, Thai beads, There's a smell of gunpowder, third way, three-way girl, thumper, toot, traff, transvaginal, tree monkey, trouser cough, trouser rouser, trouser trumpet, trull, trump, twat water, two-way, under thunder, unload, vagina juice, vaginal discharge, vaginal fart, vaginal juice, vaginal spendings, vestibule, vestibulum vaginae, vulva sauce, wet one, whistle down the Y fronts, whites, the, Who flew?, whoof, wind, windward passage, windy pops, windy words

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