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vaginal balls:

A matched set of mercury-filled, hollow balls 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter originally made of ivory, now available in plastic, gold, silver, or stainless steel, to be inserted into the vagina where they roll around, especially when walking, and spread vibrations throughout the vaginal area. A variation on this consists in one of the two balls being solid.

SYNONYMS: Ben-Wa-Balls ; geisha-balls , Burmese-balls , Rino-Tama .

See Also: acquired syphilis, ampailang, ampallang, anal violin, B.V., bacterial vaginosis, ball, ball bag, ball basket, ball sack, ball stretcher with chain, ball wracker, ball-breaker, ball-buster, ball-tearer, ballbag, ballroom, balls, balls deep in the furry fun house, balls in a sling, bawls, Ben Wa Balls, bit of tail, bitch's Christmas, bitches' Christmas, bottle dance, bream cream, buff ball, buff ball and ballum rancum, buonballs, Burmese balls, buttered finger, C & B bondage, C & B play, C & B Torture, C and B torture, C/B/T/T, Candida albicans, candida vaginal infection, CB, CBB, CBT, CBTT, cobbler's awls, cobbler's stall, cocksucker's teeth, coffee stalls, coitus a posteriori, coitus abstentia, colpoxerosis, cunt juice, damp patch, easy pink, extras, female come, female ejaculation, female spendings, French dip, froth, full pudenda, geisha balls, genupectoral, goose grease, gravy, Henry Halls, hymenotomy, inhibited orgasm, juicy sewer, lather, lech-water, letch-water, little flying saucer, love juice, love liquor, lower salivation, mammalian position, marble halls, Max Walls, nature's lube, Niagara Falls, nobby halls, nut-cruncher, old fashioned, orchestra stalls, partial pudenda, penovaginal, Rino Tama, RR 1, Rural Route 1, sexual discharge, sexual secretions, sexual spendings, slabs, slut butter, spendings, stick and bangers, stone-ache, straight date, straight trick, sweating phenomenon, tail-job, take it, Thai beads, third way, three-way girl, transvaginal, twat water, two-way, vagina juice, vaginal balls, vaginal discharge, vaginal juice, vaginal spendings, vestibule, vestibulum vaginae, vulva sauce, Wentworth Falls, whites, the

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