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venereal sore:

Or: chancroid / soft-chancre , a sexually-transmitted-disease (STD), not known to be spread any other way , caused by the bacterium Haemophilus-ducreyi and characterized by painful genital ulceration and regional lymphadenopathy. It is more common in tropical countries than other-parts of the world and it is more commonly seen in men than in women, particularly uncircumcised males. SYMPTOMS: The first sign appear 4-7 days after exposure in the form of a papule or pustule that erodes to form a painful ulcer with irregular or ragged borders. In 50% of untreated cases, the chancroid bacteria infects the lymph glands in the groin . TREATMENT: Chancroid may be successfully treated with certain antibiotics: ceftriaxone, erythromyc, zithromycin. Lesions and ulcers can be expected to heal within two weeks.
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