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wet noodle:

1. A flaccid penis . See penis for synonyms.

QUOTE: Charlotte Haze (Shelley Winters) and Humbert Humbert (James Mason) in Lolita (1962):
-- Charelotte: ' Whenever you touch me, darling , I go as limp as a noodle .'
-- Humbert: ' Yes, I am familiar with that feeling .'
Charlotte goes emotionally and physically limp at the touch of the man she loves. It is assumed Humbert goes limp further down .

2. A week, ineffectual man .

3. Rude insult impugning a man's capacity to have a penile-erection .

See Also: buttered finger, damp patch, dream whip, enuresis, hygrophilematous, oneirogmophobia, panty pisser, Scotch screw, urethral eroticism, urinism, wet dream-girl, wet fun, wet kiss, wet one, whipped cream, wide-on

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