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Sorry the term dock is not in the Dictionary of the F-Word. Please look in the Sexual Dictionary or check the spelling and try again

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college fuck
Colonel Puck
colonial puck
Colorado Mother Fucker
come-fuck-me eyes
courtesy fuck
cranked on the fuck
craphole fuck
crazy as fuck
cum-gargling fucker
Damn it to fuck!
Dial 3-8-2-5
dildo fucking
 Don't drink water, fish fuck in it
 Don't fuck with me / my / the / it...
 Donald Duck
 Donald Fuck
 double fuck
 drop an / the F-bomb
 dry fuck
 duck fucker
 Duck McFuck
 ducking the fog
 dumb fuck / dumbfuck
 Dutch fuck
 east butt-fuck
 easy fuck
 ebony fuck
 eff / effing
 Eff off!

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