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adult baby:

A person who derives a fetishistic pleasure from acting as a baby , dressing up in infants' clothing and diapers, and role-playing scenes in which they act out the part of a baby as fully as possible.
See Also: abnormal presentation, adult baby, Adult Verification Service, age of majority, Age Verification Service, atelia, AVS, babette, baby blues, baby buggy, baby bust, baby buster, baby child, baby doll, baby motel, baby-faced, babyolatry, belfa, bib, buster, cacoethes, cervical hostility, cherry top, consenting adult, cradle-custard, cradle-robber, cradle-snatcher, daddy-type, diaphanophilia, diddley-poo, didie, dookey, ecstasy intoxication, esurient, gallop the antelope, gaybee boom, GIDAANT, grump, heliogabalus, hermaphy, infantilism, intergenerational relationship, inunctionism, jazzy jane, jintoe, kiss-kiss, lamma hutching, levator vaginae, monoclinous, one-on-one booth, one-way, orectic, plushie, quebrachine, semi-diesel, squealer, swiftie, teat, tragalist, urethrorrhea ex ubidine, Venus with a penis, yakum

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