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1. To penetrate with the penis .

2. The vagina , based on the original sense of the word, the hollow part inside a tube or canon. See vagina for synonyms.

3. To copulate , based on the original sense of the word, to make or bore a hole . See copulation for synonyms.

4. To copulate anally. See anal-copulation for synonyms.

See Also: 10-Pounder, aborted, abortive, accessory urethral canal, acknowledged father, all mouth, amphigenic invert, anal coitus, anal intercourse, anal-genital intercourse, angel with a dirty face, anogenital intercourse, axe wound, baby boomer, baby buster, bastard, bear-garden language, bearskin, belly full, bio boy, biological male, Bitchville, bore, bored, born in the vestry, break a leg, Buckinger's boot, bush child, buster, Caprihorny, come through the side door, congenital syphilis, cryptorchidism, cypridophobia, cyprinophobia, cypriphobia, dry shite, factory equipped, fatherless, fertility symbols, flat tire, fruitful vine, fuck-face, Generation X, genetic male, grit, harlot, hereditary syphilis, hermaphrodite, honey, illegitimate, illegitimate child, Inter faeces et urinem nascimur, intersexual, little deduction, little dividend, misborn, monogamous, monogamy, mother, mulatto, naked, natural child, nullipara, plushie, quandong, single, Studgitarius, sweet talk, Torquemada, Tomas de, true hermaphrodite, undescended testes, vagitarius, Venus flytrap, wet and willing, wet as an otters pocket, as, wet-on

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