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Or: bulldike / bulldiker / bull-dyke , derogatory appellation for a butch-lesbian , especially one who dresses and behaves in an aggressively masculine manner.
Etymology: Said to derive from the name of a warrior Queen of the Celtic Hicca people, Boudica, who rebelled against the Romans in A.D. 61.
Synonyms: boon-dagger ; boonch ; bootch ; bull ; bull-bitch ; bull-dagger ; bull-diker ; bull-dogger ; bumper ; butch ; butch-lesbian ; butch-dagger ; butz ; diesel-dyke ; dike ; dyke ; top-sergeant .
See also: baby-butch ; baby-dyke ; boy dyke ; buildiking ; camper ; dinky-dyke ; gaychick ; molly-dyke ; semi-diesel ; soft-butch ; stone-butch ; stone-femme .

Quote: 'The little Dutch boy taught a lesson that I like / If you want to save your country , stick your finger in a dyke .' Sung by the piano player to a lesbian in The Wild Party (1975).

See Also: androdyke, androgynous dyke, andromimetic, B & D dyke, baby dyke, balls eye, boon dagger, boonch, bootch, bull, bull bitch, bull-dagger, bull-dike, bull-diker, bull-dogger, butch, butch dagger, butch lesbian, butz, byke, camper, diesel dyke, dike, diked out, dinky dyke, DIT, Dutch girl, dyke, dyke-o-saurus, enforcer, flannel-shirt dyke, gaychick, hermaphrodite dyke, hermaphrodyke, Joan Bull, king, lipstick lesbian, parish stallion, PC dyke, pizzle, politically correct dyke, semi-diesel, sergeant, SM dyke, soft butch, stone butch, target, three wheeled trike, three wheeler, TOD, top-sergeant, town Johnny

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