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carrying all before her:

Pregnant. See pregnant for synonyms.
See Also: 10-Pounder, abduct, abduction, ablation, abortively, Abraham's bosom, animal training, anthropophagy, apotemnophilia, Balkans, the, big legs, carry a lot of heat, carry a torch, carry on, carry plenty of heat, carry the torch, carrying, carrying on an affair, carrying on with someone, cocktail, cross-dresser, cross-dressing, dally, dilly-dally, Fat Injection, ferry, fuck-happy, full pack, gaga, HPV, human papilloma virus, indoor sports, nonsexist language, pregnant, prostate, put it in and break it, randy, rapt, rapture, safest sex, surrogate mother, tom, torch, torch song, twirl the pearls, urethra, urethral meatus, urethral opening, urethral orifice, V-girl, wand, wasp

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