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In sadomasochism:

1. Any metal, plastic, or wood fastener or gripping device that can pinch some part of the body, notably the nipples and the genitals , but also the nose, loose body skin and so on . A clamp differs from a clip in that it is bigger and inflicts more pain. See also: clip .

2. To pinch or compress some part of the body with a clamping device to inflict pain. CAUTION: The throat and lactating breasts are unsafe areas for clamping; it is also dangerous to clamp skin tissue for over six hours or muscles for longer than a few minutes; the lack of oxygen causes tissue to die .

See Also: biting dog, brank, breast torture, clamp, clip, clothespin torture, cunt torture, female genitorture, grostulation, hole it, infibulation, male infibulation, penis infibulation, scolds bridle, snap it, snapping pussy, snapping turtle, tit discipline, tit torture, titty discipline, titty torture, velvet buzz saw

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