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Or: cock ring , in BDSM, a leather , rope, rubber , or metal device placed tightly around the base of both the penis and scrotum (not just the shaft) to make the penis get hard faster and stay hard longer by allowing blood to flow freely into the penis (because veins are closer to the skin's surface than arteries) but restricting its flow out .
See Also: a bit of flat, acokoinonia, all penis bondage, alley, almond, almond rock, alter kocker, bell cheese, big conk, big cock, bit of flat, bracelet cockring, C & B bondage, C & B play, C & B Torture, C and B torture, C.R., C.T., C/B/T/T, cassock, CB, CBB, CBT, CBTT, CFD, chanticleer, cinebonds, cinema XXX, cinemarotic, cinemaroticism, circumcised, CO, cock, cock and ball harness, cock block, cock harness, cock in her eye, Cock Inn, Cock Lane, cock paste, cock porridge, cock snot, cock strap, cock sucker, cock up, cock-chafer, cock-on, cock-pleaser, cock-stand, cock-sucking, cock-tease, cock-teaser, cockaholic, cockatrice, cockchafer, cockhead cheese, cockhound, cockknuckle, cockpit, cockring, cockshire, cocksucker, cocktease, cockteaser, cockteasing, COD, corn on the cob, cottage cheese, CS, CT, cunt-tease, cunt-teaser, dick butter, dick doc, dick dolcenatte, dick-dairy, dick-teaser, dick-wit, dickery-dock, dickory-dock, doodle, fellator, fired-up, flat tail, four-letter word, fuck-truck, fumenda cheese, geography, get some cock, get some cold cock, hanky code, hock, John Thomas, keep it up, knob cheese, lob cock, low road, niche, nothin cock, nothing cock, one-eyed trouser snake, paste, pecker checker, penis machinist, peter machinist, pichita de oro, play at cock in cover, play cock in cover, prick-tease, prick-teaser, pricksmith, rooster, sin bin, smegma, smentana, sodomite, stiffy, succubus, tadger, tease, teaser, tickle, todger, torture, uncircumcised, urinary petcock, valve, Winchester Geese

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