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In BDSM, the deliberate infliction of pain or torment on a submissive, especially when done for the enjoyment of the person inflicting the pain.

SEE ALSO: ball-torture ; CBT ; chastity-belts; cock-torture ; cunt-torture ; dildo training; forced abstination; hot-wax ; nipple torture.

See Also: bdsm, bestialsadism, bondage and torture, breast bondage, breast torture, BT, burning, C & B Torture, C and B torture, C/B/T/T, candle wax torture, CBT, CBTT, clothespin torture, cock and ball torture, cock strap, corporal arts, CT, dark fetish(ism), female genitorture, hot wax, humiliation, Marquis de Sade, snuff film, snuff movie, tit bondage, tit discipline, tit torture, titty bondage, titty discipline, titty torture, Torquemada, Tomas de, torture, training room, TT, twenty-twenty, wax, wax torture

Quotes Containing torture:
Morticia (Anjelica Huston) to Gomez (Raul Julia) in The Addams Family (1991): ''Don''t torture yourself, Gomez. That''s my job .''
Skip tracer Tommy Novak (Clint Eastwood) and his prisoner Lou Ann McGuinn (Bernadette Peters) dressed in flaming red in Pink Cadillac (1989): - Tommy:'If you don't mind my saying so you look dressed-to-kill tonight, Miss McGuinn.' - Lou Ann:'No, I'm dressed to torture . Killing is too good for you.'

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