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1. Worth wanting, having, or seeking, as beneficial, expedient, useful, pleasing, or wise.
Synonyms: acceptable; advisable; agreeable; beneficial; better to; covetable; eligible ; enviable; expedient; grateful; gratifying; helpful; pleasing; preferable; profitable; useful; welcome; worthwhile.

2. Arousing (sexual) desire ; pleasing; attractive .
Synonyms: adorable; alluring; appealing; attracting; beauteous; beautiful; beckoning; bewitching; captivating; catching; catchy; charming; compelling; covetable; enchanting; engaging; enthralling; enticing; fascinating; fetching; inviting; luring; magnetic; seductive; sexy ; tantalizing; teasing ; tempting.

See Also: a bit of crumpet, a bit of skirt, alloandrism, allogynia, allonemia, allorgasmia, aphrodette, babe on wheels, babe-a-cious, babe-a-licious, babellicious, bedworthy, beef-a-roni, beefbot, bit of crumb, bit of goods, bit of stuff, bitch magnet, brummy, bubbleable, buff-boy, bum-brusher, cacocallia, cake, cash in the food stamps of love, catch, centerfold, charmer, chased but chaste, crumpet, die for, do-able, fla, flah, foxy, frottering bastard, fuckable, fucksome, get physical, jellyroll, phat, scrumpable, tits and ass, to die for

Quotes Containing desirable:
Mrs. Garner (Doreen Lang) to Terry Dean (Paul Hogan) in Almost an Angel (1990): 'A woman should be told she's attractive and desirable otherwise she ceases to be either.'
Bert Rigby (Robert Lindsay) to Meredith Perlstein (Anne Bancroft) in Bert Rigby, You're a Fool (1989): 'I find you a very, very desirable woman and if you and I were to get-physical together my eyes would cross permanently and she'd [girlfirned] notice that.'
Charley Katz (Alan Rosenberg) to Stan Harris (Jeff Fahey) in Impulse (1990): ''People depreciate. Every year you get-a-little more selective and a lot less desirable .''

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