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1. A method of contraception used by women.

2. A contraceptive device consisting of a dome-shaped, spring-rimmed, latex cup filled with a spermicidal jelly or cream and placed in the vagina to fit over the cervix and prevent sperm from entering the uterus; it should be inserted up to 2 hours prior to intercourse and left undisturbed for 6 to 8 hours subsequently (the spermicide is only effective for 12 hours and needs at least 6 hours to kill sperm). Diaphragms are available in sizes ranging from 5.5 to 10 centimeters in diameter; since they can slip during intercourse they are rated as only 80-95% effective; if used in conjunction with a spermicidal jelly or cream , it helps prevent infection and the spread of STDs and AIDS. The diaphragm was invented in 1882.
Synonyms: cap ; catcher's mitt; catskin ; cervical cap ; collapsible-container ; contraceptive-cap ; contraceptive-diaphragm ; Dutch-cap ; flying-saucer ; French-cap ; fuck-plug ; hat ; jelly-loop ; little-flying-saucer ; Malthus cap ; phragmie (phragmmie); rubber cookie ; sex-cap ; shower-cap ; sombrero .

3. A muscle wall separating the chest from the abdomen . It is a major muscle that the body uses for breathing.

See Also: a capella, abdominal cavity, cap, catchers mitt, catskin, collapsible container, contraceptive cap, contraceptive diaphragm, diaphragm, Dutch cap, flying saucer, French cap, fuck-plug, hat, jelly loop, little flying saucer, Malthus caps, phragmie, rubber cooky, sex cap, shower cap, sombrero

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