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frenum (of the penis):

Or: fraenum-(of-the-penis) / frenulum (of the penis) / frenum of the prepuce , the fold of skin connecting the foreskin to the base of the glans-penis . It is the most sexually sensitive area of the penis , comparable with the clitoris in the female; regretfully it is removed during circumcision.
Etymology: From the Latin fraenulum meaning little bridle.
Synonyms: banjo-string ; bobstay ; frenulum-preputii , G-string ; Tarzan-chord .
See Also: banjo string, bobstay, fraenum (of the penis), frenulum, frenulum laborium, frenulum linguae, frenulum of the labia, frenulum of the penis, frenulum of the tongue, frenulum preputii, frenum (of the penis), G-string, Tarzan chord

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