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gender roles:

Complex clusters of ways in which males and females are expected to behave within a given culture.
See Also: active partner, AEGIS, alternately gendered, ambiguous gender, anal scientist, arenokoites, bicycle rider, bigendered, bisexual libido, brothersister, butch bottom, captor and captive, CG, CGI, chicken-on-a-spit, chromo, coitus à cheval, cross-dresser, cross-dressing, cross-gender behavior, cross-living, crosswired, dogface, doggie, dominate, dominatrix bitch, dumbo, eye doctor, female of the species, the, female variety, the, feminine, feminine persuasion, the, feminine variety, the, femme, full-time, GD, GEM, gender, gender dysphoria, gender outlaw, gender variant, GIDAANT, gut-stuffer, homosociality, hyperfemininity, hypermasculinity, inner sex, into domination, into submission, inversion, linguistic cross-dressing, lovely variety, the, M2F, non-conforming gender, nonconforming gender, omnigendered, pangendered, pansexuality, polygendered, pronoun reversal, sex number, sexual identity, sexual preference, SGO, spread one's ass, spread one's cheeks, sterner sex, sub, take a turn in the barrel, take it, take it up the ass, third set, third sex, thlipsophilist, Tijuana Tuck & Roll, transcengender, transgender, transgender community, transgendered, transgenderism, transgenderist, transgressively gendered, transhomosexuality, transphobia, transsexual, truegendered, TWRL, variant expressive, wear boxer shorts

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