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Pertains to people who transcend the conventional definitions of man and woman , anyone who acts or thinks in a manner not socially approved for the gender assigned him or her at birth. Transgendered people include: pre-operative and post-operative-transsexuals, transgenderists, transvestites, cross-dressers, female and male impersonators, drag queens/kings, intersexuals, gender dysphorics, gender-outlaws, transnaturals, variant-expressives, butch-lesbians, boss girls, drag-queens, sissies , tomboys, transitions and everyone in-between . Some transgendered people prefer members of their own sex , some prefer members of the opposite-sex ; there is no correlation between sexual-orientation and gender-identity .

SYNONYMS: gender-variant ; nonconforming-gender ; transgendered; transgressively-gendered .

See Also: alternately gendered, ambisexual, boy hole, crosswired, discordant genitalia, gender variant, non-conforming gender, nonconforming gender, pink panther gay libber, T folk, T Star, trans catcher, trans-hag, transcengender, transdetector, transfan, transgendered, transgenderism, transgressively gendered, transhomosexuality, transindividual, TransLesBiGay, transparent, transpeople, transversity, tranz-hag, variant expressive

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