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get off:

1. To engage in an act of sexual-intercourse . See copulation for synonyms.

2. To climax ; to have an orgasm either through coition or masturbation . See orgasm for synonyms.

3. To ejaculate. See ejaculation for synonyms.


(1) Betty Du Boop (Eileen Brennan) to Lou Peckingpaugh (Peter Falk) in The Cheap Detective (1978): ' If you're not busy, Fred , I get off at two. Don't you think two is a good-time to get off on . '

(2) Dot Matrix, a robot chaperoning Princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga) in Spaceballs (1987) and Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) who was about to kiss her when the alam went off :
-- Lone Star: ' What was that? '
-- Dot Matrix: ' That's my virgin alarm. It's programmed to go-off before you do , mister .'

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