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lesbian sex:
Or: lesbian-love , sexual activity between two women rubbing their vulvas and clitoris together.

SYNONYMS: bumper to bumper ; clam-jousting ; clit-fight ; doughnut-to-doughnut ; flat-fuck ; sapphism ; tribadism ; tribady ; tribology ; vagina-to-vagina ; venus observa feminae.

See Also: 59ing, amy-john, androdyke, androgynous dyke, baby butch, bambi, beach dyke, bean flicker, bean flickologist, better sex, BF, black triangle, BLG, blood spitter, bluff, bowler, boy-dyke, brother girl, buildiking, bull-dicking, bumper-to-bumper, bun woman, butch as Kong, butch bottom, butch cut, butch femme, butch mafia, butch-fluff, butcher boy, butchy, C.S., carnivorous canary, cat-lapper, catlapper, chapstick lesbian, clam jousting, clam smacker, clit club, clit fight, clit hopper, clit lit, clitters, Connie, contrary sex, daddle, dandysette, Daughters of Bilitis, de-diking, deadlier of the species, demo dyke, dicky broad, dikey, diking, DIT, diver, dizzy-lizzy, DOB, doughnut grinder, doughnut to doughnut, Dutch girl, fairy lady, femme, fine chick, finger artist, flannel-shirt dyke, flat fuck, gaybee boom, girl kisser, girl lover, give up the work, GLB, gynaeocotrope, hermaphrodite dyke, hermaphrodyke, ILGA, jakey, Janey, jasper, Jody, joy buzzer, king, kissing fish, lady lover, lawnmower, LBGT, leather dyke, les, les girls, les-be-friends, lesb, lesbian, lesbian love, lesbie, lesbo, lesbonia, lesbophobia, lesbos, lesboville, lesbyterian, Leslie (-Anne), lesser, lessie, lez, lezbo, lezo, lezzer, lipstick lesbian, lizzie, lizzy, lover under the lap, LUG, madivinaise, malfior, mantee walk, mason, missionary work, new woman, the, non-kinky sex, one of the boys, pansy without a stem, pinky, poloni-homi, pussy queer, root dyke, rub bellies, same sex love, sapphism, sapphist(s), sapphistry, sapphomasochism, sapphosadism, sexobatics, sextacy, SM dyke, smoking the fur, snap-on (tool), sterner sex, stone butch, strap-on dildo, tender chick, three wheeled trike, three wheeler, tit king, TOD, top drawer, transdike, transdyke, transexion, TransLesBiGay, tribadism, truck driver, tuppence licker, twilight girls, upside-down cake, urninde, vagetarian, valley of tears, van dyke, Venus observa feminae, village sing, weaker sex, weaker vessel, the, wear boxer shorts, winnie, woman in comfortable shoes, woman lover, yodel in the canyon (of love), yodel up in the canyon (of love), yodeling in the canyon (of love), yodeling in the gully,

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