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Said of something lascivious or someone displaying lascivious and unchaste behavior; sexuality presented in an offensive way ; sexually obscene; pornographic .

ETYMOLOGY: Originally this term referred to anyone not belonging to the holy orders, hence unlearned and unteachable.

SYNONYMS: bawdy ; blue ; coarse; erotic ; fast; fescennine ; filthy; foul-mouthed; goatish ; gross; hard-core ; immodest; immoral ; improper; impure; in bad taste; incontinent ; indecent ; indelicate; lascivious ; lecherous ; libertine ; libidinous; licentious ; loose ; lubricious ; lustful ; lustfully dirty ; naughty ; obscene; off-color ; paphian; pornographic ; profligate ; questionable; racy; rakish; raw ; ribald ; risqué ; salacious ; scandalous; scurrilous; shameless; smutty ; suggestive; taboo; unchaste; unclean; unconventional; unvirtuous; vile; vulgar ; wanton ; wicked; X-rated .

See Also: 900 number, audiotext, bawdy, bear-garden language, blue, blue joke, bobtail, bump and grind, cyprinolalia, cyprinophilia, erotolalia, fescennine, goatish, gynaeon pornikon erotomanes, Keep it clean!, lady birds, lagneuomania, licentious, lubricious, porno, porny, prurient, salacious, toilet talk, unparliamentary, vulgar, wagtail, wanton, whorish, X-rated

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