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Humorously coarse; lewd ; risqué ; obscene; vulgar .
See Also: bawdy house, bodikin, buggerantoes, case vrow, dickey dido, divine monosyllable, fescennine, flash man, hackney, hedge whore, hedge-creeper, heels in the air, hop up and down, itching, laced mutton, melt, monosyllable, place of sixpence sinfulness, place of sixpenny sinfulness, quean, score, shadow of a woman, shake the sheets, short heels, shot betwixt wind and water, smell-smock, smut, surphling of breasts, venerable monosyllable, woman's heraldry, wounded in the thigh

Quotes Containing bawdy:
Shakespeare pun. Romeo and Juliet: ''The bawdy hand of the dial is now upon the prick of noon.''
According to James T. Henke in Courtesans and Cuckolds. A Glossary of Renaissance Dramatic Bawdy (1979): 'A seminal emission in the vagina of a whore literally would be a "sin".'

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