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A woman's period of confinement immediately prior and during childbirth, common in Victorian society when it was thought improper for an obviously pregnant woman to appear in public. Synonym: accouchement .
See Also: ben's gran, bullfuck, cable laying, Chinese fashion, Chinese style, clap eyes on, clap one's eyes on, clinovalent, lay, lay a cable, lay cable, lay eyes on, lay one's eyes on, long lie, set eyes on, spoon fashion, spoons, three bags full

Quotes Containing lying-in:
Dorothy Parker: 'By the time you swear youre his / Shivering and sighing / And he vows his passion is / Infinite, undying - Lady, make a note of this: / One of you is lying.'
Monique (Kathryn Harrold) to Max (Robert Davi) in Raw Deal (1986): 'The only way you'll ever wind-up lying next to me, Max, is if we're runned down by the same car.'
J.C. Wyatt (Diane Keaton) who, after fainting, wakes up in Dr. Jeff Cooper's (Sam Shepard) office in Baby Boom (1987): 'I'm spilling my guts out to a vet? I'm lying on a vet's table, telling you about my sex life?'
Ronald (Groucho Marx) and Beatrice (Lisette Verea) in A Night in Casablanca (1946): - Ronald Kornblow: ''You''re the most beautiful girl I''ve ever seen.'' - Beatrice Reiner: ''Am I really?'' - Ronald Kornblow: ''No, but I don''t mind lying if it''s going to get me somewhere.''

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