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1. Or: mack-man , a pimp or procurer . See pimp for synonyms.

2. To procure clients for a prostitute .

3. In Rap songs, to have-sex . I'm getting my macks with her .

4. A ladies'-man .

5. A good friend or lover . He is such a mack .

ETYMOLOGY: From the French mec , a man or 'real man' or from the character MacHeath in John Gay's play The Beggar's Opera (1728) and his counterpart Mac the Knife in Berthold Brecht's adaptation The Theepenny Opera (1928).

See Also: bathing beauty, daddy mack, mac, mac daddy, macaroni, mack, mack daddy, mack man, macko man

Quotes Containing mack:
Peachum (Fritz Rasp), the king of beggars, to his daughter Polly (Carola Meher) who secretly married Mack the Knife (Rudolph Forster) in The Threepenny Penny Opera (1931): - Peachum: 'You'll get a divorce!' - Polly: 'But I love him! How can I get a divorce?' - Peachum: 'I'll tan your behind!' - Polly: 'It won't do any good. Love is greater that a tanned behind .'

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