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1. Spanish word for an aggressively masuline man , a manly man , especially one who often proclaims his virility by fathering numerous children by different wives and boasting of his accomplishments. Rosalie Maggio, The Dictionary of Bias-Free Usage (1991): ' By definition, only men can be macho; there is no parallel for women ("macha" is incorrect). Because "macho" is often used derogatorily abd stereotypically, it may be better to replace it : overly aggressive, defensive, proud , overbearing, overconfident, show-off, arrogant, etc. The word "machismo " has been used of both sexes: Betty Friedan ( The Second Stage ) says: "female machismo ... hides the same inadmissible self-hate, weakness, sense of powerlessness as machismo hides in men." '

2. The word entered American English as an adjective in the early 1930s meaning confidently and aggressively masculine; aggressive maleness .

3. The Womens Liberation Movement, in the 1960s, gave it a pejorative twist : 'loutish, leering male who believes that the only natural position for women in this world is horizontal .'

QUOTE: Zsa Zsa Gabor: ' Macho does not prove mucho .'

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