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Or: baby-juice / bung-juice / come-juice / fruit-juice / happy-juice / hot-juice / jelly-juice / jerk-juice / joy-juice / love-juice / man-juice / pod-juice / prick-juice / spermatic-juice / tail-juice , semen and other fluids secreted at orgasm . Usage in this sense dates back to the 19 th century. See semen for synonyms.

See Also: bung spew, Dilbert Dildo, giggle stick, Hamilton Wick, Hampton Wick, honorable prick, jelly juice, jerk juice, jet one's juice, joy juice, juice, juice for jelly, lemonade, love juice, Mad Mick, man juice, Pat and Mick, pod juice, prick, prick-juice, prickholder, prickle, PT, spermatic juice, Stormy Dick, tail juice, three card trick, vaginal secretions, zoobrick, zubrick,

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