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Chiefly British usage for:

1. To copulate ; to fornicate . See copulation for synonyms.


(1) Captain Francis Grose. Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811): ' To copulate . He is but bad shag; he is no able woman's man .'

(2) Austin Powers (Mike Myers) admits having had sex with Alotta Fagina (Fabiana Udenio) in Austin Powers (1998):' I shagged her rotten, baby .'

(3) Mike Myers as Austin Powers (1998): ' I'll bet she shags like a minx .' He drives a Shaguar.

2. Of a male, to masturbate . See masturbation-male for synonyms.

3. A person, usually a female, regarded as a sex-object .

4. To wear out ; to break .

See Also: a bit of all right, a bit of alright, anything in trousers, anything on two legs, bad thing, bit of all right, bit of alright, darb, dirty pillows, do the bad thing, fab, fuck like a minx, fucks like a minx, gang bang, gang shay, good foot, heck bite, hecklace, hickey, hop on, jiggery pokery, jobbies, jobblies, jubblies, jublies, kiss bite, love bite, minx, mojo, mommy-daddy button, monkey bite, Oreo cookie, Peter, Paul, and Mary, pills, ponum, Purple Heart, randy, shag, shagadelic, shay, shitter, spuds, strawberry kiss, suckers, swing, switched-on, turtle, turtle head, turtle's head

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