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short heels:

Or: shortheels , US slang, possibly obsolete, for a promiscuous woman or prostitute . In Renaissance literature, according to James T. Henke in Courtesans and Cuckolds. A Glossary of Renaissance Dramatic Bawdy (1979): ' Of a woman , an anatomical feature suggesting sexual generosity .' See playgirl and prostitute for synonyms.
See Also: acute, acute infection, anat, arm of love, arse cooler, arse over tit, arsey-versey, ass over head, B & D dyke, backy, Barnet, batch, batty about, batty rider, be crazy about, be cuckoo over, be swept off one's feet, beaut, beaver loop, bi community, boot slave, boots and shoes fetish, boxers, braces, breast augs, bug, burly, butt bags, buttock-clingers, cafe curtains, chalfonts, cheek-climber, cheek-clinger, clit, cracked on, CSW, cyber, dead nuts on, DG, dilly boy, dis con, dizzy over, Donald, duck-butt, dyna, fall in a big way, fam, far gone on, farmers, fizz, flip over for, g-g, gon, gonny, goss, half-pint, have one's heart doing back flips, have one's heart doing flip-flips, head over heels (in love), heavy crush, heel, heels in the air, high-heel(ed) pumps, hook, juve, labs, les, lesb, lesbie, lesbo, lice, Mademoizook, masc, napkin, nips, non-op TS, over head and heels (in love), paradise strokes, phiz, phizog, phragmie, porn, post-op TS, pre-op TS, pross, prossie, prossy, prostie, prosty, prozzy, recky, relations, rents, riding crop, rita, rollies, romantricks, sanitary, scrot, short and curlies, silly about, siph, skivvy, starter marriage, Stumpy, swept off one's feet, syph, sypho, tachyorthosis, three wheeler, tocks, trich, TV training, val, vertically-challenged, vige, walker, whipped, X-dresser, X-dressing, X-legged, zack, zeps

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