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1. A sweetheart .
SYNONYMS: beau; beloved ; boyfriend; dear; dear-one ; dearest; girlfriend ; heartthrob ; inamorata ; inamorato ; light-of-one's-life ; loved-one ; lover ; paramour ; significant-other ; steady ; sweetie ; sweetie-pie; true-love (truelove); wooer.

2. A sweetheart chosen to receive a token of one's love and affection , such as a gift, a love-letter or greeting card, on Saint Valentine's day (February 14).

3. A gift, love-letter or greeting card sent to a loved-one on Saint Valentine's day.

See Also: Saint Valentine's Day, valentine, XXX,

Quotes Containing valentine:
Michael Valentine (Bob Hope) kissing the Kitrina Grimovitch (Signe Hasso) in Where There''s Life (1947): ''Say, this could be habit-forming.''
Shirley (Pauline Collins) in Shirley Valentine (1989): 'You can't bring logic into this. We're talking about marriage . Marriage is like the Middle East. There's no solution.'

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