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According to Bruce Willis BOM means FUCK YOU! in Polish.
QUOTE: 'I forgot to tell you. BOM means fuck you in Polish.' Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) to Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans) who wrote BOM on a cardboard to warn the bad guys about a BOMB in the trunk of their car in The Last Boyscout (1991). Colloquially, bom or bum is slang for ass or anus.
Synonyms: Bombay-roll, boob-balling, bunny-rub, coitus-inter-mammas, coitus-intramammas, coitus-intermammarius, coitus-a-mammilla, diddiride, Dutch-fuck, French-fuck, fuck-tits, fuck-a-brisket, go-Dutch, jug-jousting, mammary-coitus, mastophallation, mazophallate, muscle-fuck, piss-in-the-dugout, Russian (culture), sex-between-hills, sex-between-mountains, shoot-between-the-fagots, titch, tit-fucking, titty-fuck, titwank, trip-down-mammary-lane, TVF, Mammary-Intercourse

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