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Back Drop (Club):

Fetish and fantasy club founded in 1966. Their private clubhouse is open to members from noon to ten daily , seven days a week; their classes include wrestling, photography, leather fabrication, slave training, cross dressing, spanking, and watersports; their social events include Roman Holidays with gladiators, slaves, costumes, a Roman feast, parties for transvestites, a weekly slave auction, video nights, fashion shows and, once a month, a flea market.
See Also: assc, backs against the wall!, backs to the wall chaps!, clubbed foot, doll house, don't drop the soap!, drop anchor down the booby hutch, drop anchor in the bubby hutch, drop beads, drop one's beads, drop one's cookies, drop ones load, drop the plate, female impersonator, floor show, in the club, in the pudding club, jilt, lemon, morning dew drop, morning drip, on-premise swing club, pearl drop, phallating stick, shell-like, stringer, switch club, TV lounge

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