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abnormal presentation:

General term for any unusual position for delivery other than the most common, normal position in which the baby's head is first to appear in the birth canal with it's face turned toward the mothers back. If the baby's face is turned towards the mother's front, it is known as the posterior position . If the baby presents the buttocks , feet or hands first it is known as the breech presentation, the most common abnormal presentation (+/- 4% of all deliveries). If the baby's shoulder or arm is first to appear in the vaginal opening , it is known as the transverse position .
See also: breech position ; posterior position ; transverse position ; cesarian section.
See Also: aberrant, abnormal forms, abnormal presentation, abnormality, acrorthosis, colpopathy, colpoxerosis, compulsion, compulsive sexual activity, hirsutism, hysteromania, lagneuomania, tentiginous, tentigogenic, trichologia, twisted

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