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affair of love:

A romantic or sexual relationship , especially one of short duration.
Synonyms: affair-of-the-heart ; affaire-d'amour ; affaire-de-coeur ; intimacy ; love-affair ; amourette ; liaison ; relationship ; romance ; romantic-affair .
See Also: a bit on the side, ache for, adulterous affair, adventure, affair, affair of love, affair of the heart, affaire d'amour, affaire de coeur, agape, agapism, all shaky-shivery, Amantium irae, amoris integratio est, amatory, amatory pleasures, amor sui, Amor vincit omnia, amorist, amorous, amour, amour fou, amour socratique, amourette, attachment, backstair affair, batty about, be crazy about, be cuckoo over, be gone on, be goofy about, be hot for, be infatuated with, be swept off one's feet, billy-doo, blind love, Bohemian love, brotherly love, buggered and bewildered, calf love, Camille, caritas, carry a torch, carry on, carry the torch, carrying a torch, carrying on an affair, carrying on with someone, cat around, catting on, cause of causes, cheating, chippy on, coitus adulterinus, con amore, consultation with the Third World, contrectophilia, cracked on, Cupid dances on his/her eyelids, Cupids cramp, dally, dead nuts on, dilly-dally, discussing East Africa, dizzy over, double cross, double dealing, double up on, double-clock, East African affairs, eternal triangle, eternal wound, the, extramarital affair, extramarital sex, fall in a big way, fan one's ass, fan one's pussy, fans her pussy, far gone on, far goner, fart around, feel that way, fling, flip over for, flirtation, fool around (with), fooling around, fucking around, getting a bit on the side, getting it on the side, getting some on the side, give up rhythm, go on a fishing expedition, go overboard, god of love, gone case, goo-goo eyes, gooey over, goofy, grande passion, have a roving eye, have affection for, have one's heart doing back flips, have one's heart doing flip-flips, have that funny feeling, have the miseries, have the tremors, heart-stricken, hit the triangle, horse around, illicit affair, illicit liaison, illicit relationship, illicit romance, in deep, in the throes of (love), infatuation, infidelity, jack around, jazz around, kidding around, left-handed honeymoon, les-be-friends, liaison, lose one's heart, love, love affair, love drink, love's fruits, love-god, loveless, lovesick, make time with, mal d'amour, mess about, mess around, messing around, miseries, the, monkey about, monkey around, monkey business, moon-eyed, moonlighting, moonstruck, moony about, moony for, moony over, muck around, mucking around, offshore drilling, on the side, perpetual emotion, perv about, perv around, philophobia, philter, Platonic love, play around (with), play checkers, play the field, put horns on, put it about, quickie station, romantic affair, roses and raptures, scutz around, set one's cap for, sexlove, shoot the thrill, Si vis amari, ama, silly about, sleep around, softening of the hearters, sotto voce affair, stepping out on, swept off one's feet, T.L.C., tail-femme, taken with, tenth word in a telegram, thanatophilia, that certain gleam in one's eyes, three-time, torch carrier, triangle, trick-out, twirl, unholy wedlock, voomish, wacky about, working late at the office, wrecktangle, zoophilist

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