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around the world:

1. An/the act of kissing and licking a partners entire body prior to fellatio or cunnilingus . The shorter version, known as halfway-around-the-world , consists in kissing and licking the genitals , anus and surrounding area prior to cunnilingus , fellatio or coitus .

2. Prostitute's jargon for kissing and licking a client's entire body in a long buildup to anilingus and fellatio or, in the short version, kissing and licking his penis and testicles prior to anilingus and fellatio .
Synonyms: do-the-grand-tour ; go-around-the-world-in-eighty-ways ; round-the-world ; trip-around-the-world .
See also: Australian-sex

Quote: James Bond (Roger Moore) with Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles) in a space shuttle circling the earth in the closing scene of Moonraker (1979):
-- James: ' I think it may be time to go home .'
-- Holly: ' Take me around the world one more time!? ' A pun typical of the James Bond movies.

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