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bacterial sexually transmitted diseases:

Or: sexually-transmitted-diseases - bacterial / bacterial-STDs , sexually-transmitted-diseases caused by bacteria: gonorrhea , chlamydial infections, syphilis , and chancroid . Of these, chlamydial infections (+/- 3-5 million cases) and gonorrhea (+/-325,000 cases in 1997) have the highest incidence in the United States.
See Also: acquired immune deficiency syndrome, acute prostatitis, armor, B.V., bacterial sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial STDs, be one of the knights, Beattie and Babs, burn, burn one's poker, burned, burner, burnt, Calymmatobacterium granulomatis, catch a cold, catch something, cervicitis, Chlamydia trachomatis, clean, cock-rot, communicable disease, contract an STD, cop a dose, curse of Venus, cypridophobia, cyprinophobia, cypriphobia, delicate disease, diseases, donovanosis, foul disorder, get a leaky faucet, get burned, get dosed up, get infected, get sick, give someone a burn, gonococcal urethritis, got something, Granuloma inguinale, green pee, greens, the, Haemophilus vaginalis, have a discharge, have a leaky faucet, have the ninety day blues, hepatitis, HSI, infected, ladies' fever, lambskin condom, latex condom, loathsome disease, lobster tails, lobstertoes, lues, lues venerea, natural condom, Neisseria gonorrheae, occupational hazard, one of the knights, pass through the fire, pathophobia, pick up a nail, piss broken glass, piss green, piss pure cream, piss razor blades, piss white, piss yellow, preventable disease, reproductive health, ride the silver steed, sexual disease, sexually transmitted infection, skin condom, STI, take the bayonet course, tool check, venereal disease, venereology, Venus' curse, warts, wasp, yancy

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