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bisexual libido:

In psychology, describes the tendency in some people to seek sexual satisfaction with partners of either gender .
See Also: AC-DC bar, AC-DC TV, ambiguous, ambisextrous, ambosexual, amphigenetic gender, amphigenous inversion, amphisexual, bats for both sides, batting and bowling, batting for both sides, bi bar, bi community, bi-coastal, bi-gaited, bi-guy, bi-lingual, bi-trade, bicycle rider, bilingual, biphobia, bisexous, bisexual community, bisexuous, BLG, bowls from both ends, bungie-boy, buysexual, byke, caught between the pointers and setters, closet shakedown, confused, convertible, double adapter, double-gaited, double-life (wo/man), drink from both taps, dry off with either a his or her(s) towel, feel the Colt's tooth, fence fucker, fence jumper, fence sitter, flippy, gilette blade, GLB, go both ways, goes the other way, gray cat, half and half, half bent, half rice half chips, half-husband, happy shopper, have it both ways, hermaphy, heteroerotic, heteroflexible, hits both ways, homoeroticism, in between, Jack of all trades, Jack of both sides, Jo-Ann, ki-ki, LBGT, licks both sides of the stamp, neither Arthur nor Martha, non-gender specific, on the fence, play both sides of the fence, plugs both ways, rides a bicycle, sexoschizia, sexually confused, sidesaddle queen, sitting on the fence, swings both ways, switch-hitter, trans-fag, transitional bisexuality, TransLesBiGay, tranz-fag, triple hip, twixter, two-way baby, versatile, wear bifocals, wear two (pairs of) shoes, wears bifocals, wet dream-girl

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