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brown boy:

1. Male prostitute who engages in passive or active anal-copulation . See sodomite for synonyms.

2. Subculture slang for a male who derives sexual gratification from ingesting fecal matter. Synonym: fecal-freak .

See Also: b-boy, B-G, B.Q., baby child, babyology, battyman, bed partner, benny house, boy, boy brothel, brown, brown eye miner, Brown family, brown star, Browning family, Browning sister, Browning sisters, BS, bwoy, calf love, cherry top, chicken-meter, chicken-with-a-basket, cream of the crop, debag, drooly, fag factory, fecal freak, flower house, GB, girl-crazy, he-whore, Hollywood hustler, honeysuckle vine, hot turds, husband for a weekend, Jack ass, lily of the valley, little shaver, mud pies, nan-boy, nancy boy, pasture woman, pederast, pee-pee lover, petticoat discipline, pinup boy, prick peddler, Professional queer, puto, rent boy, renter, S-word, saveloy, sport goods, sporting goods, street hustler, street mechanic, street-meat, swoony, T boy, T man, touche pipi, trabajado trader, trader dick, tweeny, twig and berries, twilight lads, twilight men, velcro arse, Venus with a penis, wankmonger, yob

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