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clothes pin:

Or: clothespin : in sadomasochism, wood or plastic clothespins used for inflicting pain to the penis and testicles, the vulva and clitoris , and the breasts and nipples.
See Also: Adam and Eves togs, angel's gear, bare, bare-naked (and in the flesh), bare-skinned, bared, be in a state of nature, be in a state of undress, being pinned, belonephilia, biker, boudoir photo, clothespin, clothespin torture, cock and ball torture, come stain, copping clothes, cum stain, Dahlia dyke, decorations, diked out, dolly drag, double adapter, drag party, drive-in levis, fetishistic cross-dressing, glad rags, gussy up, hippy-witch, into leather, krud, not a stitch on, peanut smuggling, pecker tracks, pimp fronts, pin, pin-up, pinup, pinup boy, queen-size(d), slow exotic, state of nature, state of undress, Sunday clothes, sweetheart neckline, tenpin, thesauromania, tic-tac smuggling, tic-tacs, transvest, transvestism, transvestitism, trick suit, trousseau, TV discipline, vestiophobia, vestiphobia, wearing only a smile, wearing only what mother nature provided, whistle and flute

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