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date rape drugs:

Or: rape-drugs , drugs or chemicals slipped into a drink to incapacitate someone for a rape. Because of the amnesia-causing properties of some of these drugs, the victim can't remember what happened. It's the perfect weapon for a rapist because it leaves the victim vulnerable and reduces the chances of successful prosecution. Some of these drugs, ketamine for example, block all sensory input to the brain, so the brain fills in the spaces.

Date rape-drugs include:

a) FLUNITRAZEPAM, a benzodiazepine anxiolytic and hypnotic drug sold under the brand-name Rohypnol by Roche Pharmaceuticals and known on the street as: Forget-Pill / La-Roche / Lunch-Money / Mexican-Valium / Pappas / R-2 / Rib / Roaches / Roachies / Roche / Roofies / Rope / Rophies / Ruffies / RZ ; in Australia it is sold as Stupefi ; journalists have called it The Quaalude of the '90s.

b) GHB / GAMMA-HYDROXYBUTYRATE (NaGHB or KGHB) sold-on the street as: Easy Lay / Georgia-Home-Boy / Great-Hormones-at-Bed-Time / Grievous-Bodily-Harm / Liquid-Ecstasy / Liquid-Soap / Liquid-Sex / Scoop.

c) KETAMINE, an LSD-like drug sold as: K / Cat / Ketaset / Special-K / Vetalar / Vitamin-K .

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