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fall for:

To become infatuated ; to fall in-love-with . See love for synonyms.

Quote: Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) to Ramada Thompson (Valeria Golino) in Hot Shots! (1991): ' I've fallen for you like a blind roofer. (...) My heart is falling down around my ankles like a wet pair of pants .'

See Also: abandoned woman, aging actress, arsey-versey, be swept off one's feet, bimbo, bullwhip, bum, carry off one's feet, catch on fire, chin-strap, Cinderella, click right off the bat, crush, fall for, fall for like a ton of bricks, fall head-over-heels for, fall in a big way, fall in love (with), fallen star, fallen woman, fancy-free, feel that funny feeling, fellatio, fellation, flip over, flip over for, form an attachment, Galatea, get a heart attack, go coocoo, go cuckoo, go ga-ga, go head over heels, go nuts, go overboard, goofy, grandma, grimm's fairy, have a heart attack, have one's heart flip flop, hubba-hubba, Isolde, lose one's head over, lose one's heart, lose one's heart to, lose the old head over, love at first sight, love philter, love potion, old hen, old queen, philophobia, philter, piles, prune person, rancid flower, reno-it, Reno-vate, Reno-vation, roll, short-heeled wench, soiled senior citizen, spill, sweep off one's feet, take a fall, take the fall, take the old fall, Tristan, tumble, U-haul, weener, wheelchair set

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