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fall in love (with):

1. To begin to feel love (for), to become infatuated (with). See love for synonyms.


(1) Laurence Shames. Sunburn : ' A woman you really liked looked prettier after you'd been to bed with her; a woman you didn't, did not. This was one of the ways a man knew if he might've been falling in-love .'

(2) Axel (Johnny Depp) in Arizona Dream (1994): ' It was wrong to say I was falling in-love because I never felt any weight; I was really flying in-love for the first time in my life .'

(3) Dr. Constance Petersen ( Ingrid Bergman ), a psychoanalyst, and Anthony Edwardes/John Ballantine (Gregory Peck) in Spellbound (1945): ' People fall in-love , as they put it , because they respond to a certain hair coloring, or vocal tones, or mannerisms that remind them of their parents .'

(4) Wilson (Edward G . Robinson) in The Stranger (1946): ' People can't help who they fall in-love-with .'

(5) Lorelei Lee (Marilyn Monroe) to Mr. Esmond in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953): ' I won't let myself fall in-love-with a man who won't trust me no matter what I might do .'

(6) Joe (Richard Dreyfuss) about relationships and love-in The Buddy System (1984): ' And when it's over, we fall in-love-with the pain .'

(7) Duane Jackson (Jeff Bridges) in Texasville (1990): ' I'm too broke to fall in-love .'

(8) Charlotte Flax (Winona Ryder) crossing herself in Mermaids (1990): ' Please, God! Don't let me fall in-love and do one-of-those disgusting things .'

(9) Call-in radio show 'Doctor' Shirlee Kenyan (Dolly Parton) to one of her callers in Straight Talk (1992): ' Like my daddy always used to say: a bird and a fish can fall in-love , but where do they make a home? '

(10) Charley Partanna (Jack Nicholson) and Irene Walker (Kathleen Turner) in Prizzi's Honor (1985): ' That ain't love . In-love is temporary. Then you move on to the next in-love. Everybody is always falling in and out of love .'

2. In lesbian slang, to caress the female genitals with the tongue . See cunnilingus for synonyms.

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